Make Email Marketing Number 1

In Your Marketing Options



Make Email Marketing Number 1 in your marketing options

Why should email marketing come first on your list above Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and other social media sites?
Based on delivery, click through rate and conversions, Email outperforms each time.

Luva Marketing use Mailchimp to manage email campaigns. We design a campaign around your key message. If you have an ton of emails, we’ll create a manageable database for you and input any emails from business cards into a new list.

We’ll then create great copy and design your mailer. If you prefer to write the content yourself, then here are some pointers :

  • Subject Line – avoid these words: “guarantee”, “free”, “call now”, “urgent” and “order now”
  • Keep it simple – under 50 characters
  • Include your company name
  • Make it stand out – funny, memorable, intriguing and/or actionable.

Stick to these rules, and you should see a higher open rate!

We set up tracking with Google analytics in order to monitor the success of your campaign. With Google analytics and Mailchimp combined, we are able to measure the effectiveness of each campaign and look at :

  • Delivery rate – how many were received
  • Open rate – rate at which your contacts click on the link or call to action in your message
  • Conversion rate – how quickly your contacts become leads after getting to your website from your email message

We then test and refine your email campaign and test out different combinations of design, copy and subject lines.

If you have an ecommerce site, then Mailchimp has some sophisticated options linking your store, which allows highly targeted emails and response emails.

Call Luva Marketing today to discuss how email can generate leads for you.

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