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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process of getting your website ranked in a higher organic position on search engines. Since Google has the greatest usage across search engines, we focus our efforts on adapting quickly to their frequently changing algorithms.

Through frequent testing by many digital companies we know all the factors that impact your position (rank). However, they do change from time to time, and the degree of relevance also changes.

Luva Marketing works closely with clients over a recommended 6 month period to achieve significant increases in rank, organic traffic, leads and sales.

Each SEO campaign is bespoke to each client.

  • During the initial stage of SEO, we will conduct an in-depth technical audit of your website. This highlights how well your website has been constructed and whether there are any glaring opportunities to improve your performance. We can either gain access to your website to amend, or work direct with your web provider. Mobile is now the main consideration for ranking, so not only does your site need to look great, but it also needs to upload quickly on all mobile devices. We run all necessary tests to ensure your site is good enough, before conducting any further work.
  • We then research your keywords and phrases for areas of your business that are most profitable in order to determine levels of usage in your target geographic areas.
  • Where necessary, we provide new copy relevant to the key users and to the devices they are using.
  • We check your existing links on the internet and see how consistent your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) appear on your existing listings. This has a big impact on your rank.
  • We then start to build up new links for you on high performing, relevant sites
  • By tying in your social media, writing blogs, and keeping all content on line fresh and up to date will also help improve your SEO and popularity
  • To track performance, we’ll also install Google analytics if necessary.
  • If you need setting up on Google places, and any social sites, we also look after this for you.
  • Google like to see that you are also responding to “likes” and reviews about your business. We can help you by managing your social media accounts and responding to the reviews direct.


“ We started our SEO campaign 4 months ago. Already, we are in first position on Google maps, and 2nd in the organic listings for our main target area and key word. They taught us more in an hour’s meeting that our previous SEO people did all year. “
D. Hancock
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