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Forget Social Media marketing being an option. It is a necessity.

If you want to target new customers, convert visitors who have already shown an interest in your products, and give your SEO a massive boost, then you need to be discussing Paid Social Media Ads

FACT: 65% companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads (HubSpot)


The success of a Facebook ad campaign starts with the creative strategy.

This is where Luva can help. Before putting our creative minds to use, we need to understand your customer base, who you are targeting, and why, and understand thoroughly your brand values, your USPs, your products, competitors…everything that we can use to create a compelling
campaign that is going to give your target audience a reason to click on your ad.

We’ll create and manage Social Media advertising campaigns on: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram.

We decide who to target based on :

Demographics: Age, gender, education, workplace, job title, and more

Location: helps us create radius around your retail premises to enhance footfall

Interests: Target customers based on what they’re into: cooking, music, sport etc

Behaviours: we can use purchasing behaviours and device: mobile, tablet, desktop to target your audience


With your target audience now carefully chosen, we create your adverts. We select one of Facebook’s choice of stunning formats to engage customers with compelling ad copy :

Carousel:   Tell a unique visual story or show case multiple products with a sequence of images or videos in a single ad.

Video/ Slide show: Tell your story about your brand, products or company with a 15 second video or create your own slide show with 3-10 images on a loop

Photo: Perfect for showcasing your new product with a single image

Canvas: Create the ultimate immersive mobile experience: Invite people to tilt to view panoramic images, swipe to explore carousels of up to 10 images or zoom in to view details. Uses video combined with images

We’ll measure and test response, and re-design copy to maximise effectiveness of your adverts. We promise you won’t need to think of a single headline!



If you prefer to start with improving brand awareness with blogs, and posts, we offer a managed service where we will post twice a week across all of your social sites. We provide unique copy, and design your adverts around your targeted campaign.


If you’d like to discuss our social media in more detail, call us today!

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